5 Go Pro Camera Gadgets You Must Pack for Your Adventure

Action cameras are an integral part of extreme sport because they allow you to capture the world in a way no other device can. They might look small but they are packed with features, which makes them an important partner during any type of adventure. If you are planning for an action-packed trip, it is important to ensure you capture those magical moments. Go Pro is the top brand in action cameras and their devices guarantee no outdoor moment is ever missed.

The Importance of the Right Camera Accessories

The company has a wide range of cameras ranging from Hero4 Session, Hero4 Silver, Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session and Hero+ LCD. While these devices might be the best in the market, you need to appreciate the importance of the accessories. The right choice of mounting equipment helps you capture unique angles with more ease.

With the right gear, you can mount your camera from any object and still get high quality video. Of course, if you are filming, you should have the basics including memory cards and spare batteries. Here are other crucial accessories you should buy to make your adventure even more memorable:

1.Go Pro Chesty

Wearing your camera doesn’t have to be obtrusive. There are many other options of mounting the gadget other than on your helmet. The chesty gives a cool alternative by mounting your camera on your chest. The harness allows quick release and it is more convenient.

2.Go Pro 3 DR Solo

Drones are revolutionizing video and photography by capturing amazing images, which would otherwise have been missed. The 3 DR Solo is a great option for anyone using a Go Pro camera as it is allows easy attachment of the camera and a clear video view is available on your mobile device on the ground through Wi-Fi. The drone has a follow me feature, which ensures no moment is missed.

3.Go Pro GoPole Evo

Many people have damaged their expensive cameras under water and this is where this buoyant action pole comes in handy. When filming in the water, you might need an extra reach which is provided by the pole and in case you accidentally drop the device it won’t sink.

4.Go Pro Octomask

This accessory ensures your hands are free when filming underwater. It can support all types of Go Pro cameras and the dual safety tempered glass lenses protect your eyes.

5.Go Pro EasyGimbal

This is a 3-axis handheld camera mount, which stabilizes the device and guarantees better views. The camera is held securely even while you move your body by rotating on all three axes.

There are many other Go Pro accessories, which will help you capture the best film. Go on and shop for these trending devices and create indelible memories from your adventure.